Brand: Fire Magic by RH Peterson
Product Code: 23539-DS-2
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This product has a minimum quantity of 2

Fire Magic Diamond Sear Cooking Grids For E1060 Grills. Sold As Set With 4 Grids and includes a Lifetime Warranty! This product automatically adds a quantity of (2) 23539-DS-2 for a total of 4 cooking grids.

Diamond Sear cooking grids promote more optimal heat transfer to food. With more surface area, similar to a griddle, their shape with angled sides improves the flow of heat to the cooking surface. (Replaces old part number 23539-S-2)


  • Easier to cook on as foods release from the surface more easily with less sticking.
  • More contact surface than round grids.
  • More points of contact that help to sear your meat better and faster.
  • More efficient heat transfer and quicker cooking result in less use of gas.
Product Information
Dimensions 21 3/4" d X 12 1/4" w
Quantity 4 Grids
Material Stainless Steel
Grill Model(s) E1060
Warranty Lifetime (When installed, operated and maintained in a Fire Magic grill as intended by the RH Peterson Co. for single family usage.)